Getting a full week away from home and work is not always the easiest thing to achieve. We offer an option where you can complete the 3 key elements of the licence separately of each other.  This offers you the chance to focus on just that element before progressing on to the next.


Our DAS Elements courses are broken down as follows:


CBT – 2 days to get you up and running on a geared motorcycle

Module 1 – 3 days training up to and including your module 1 test

Module 2 – 3 days training up to and beyond your module 2 full licence.


These elements can be booked separately from each other or adding them together as a single booking. 


As with all of our training the days start at 8.30am and complete at 4.00pm. 


CBT element


This runs over 2 days and starts on the BMW G310 R on our very own bespoke Rolling Road which allows you the time to get comfortable and confident using 2 key controls to riding a motorcycle: clutch and throttle.

Progressing from there on to our dedicated training area to cover all of the required parts of the DVSA laid out CBT course.  However as this course is set out over 2 days we can spend time to fully acquaint ourselves with the basics of riding a motorcycle comfortably.



Module 1 Element


This 3 day course starts with a quick refresh of skills on the G310 before migrating to the BMW F750 GS.  All 3 days focus on control and slow speed skills required to negotiate the sections of the DVSA Module 1 test as well as continued work on road riding skills.

You will take the module 1 test on the last day.



Module 2 Element


Over these 3 days we are really working to enhance your road riding skills covering the all varieties of road structure and environment.  The aim for you at the end is to pass your test, for us we are looking to ensure you are a fluid, confident and controlled motorcyclist who has safe riding skills embedded within them. 

You will take the module 2 test on the last day.