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At BMW Rider Training we operate our Direct Access and A2 courses on an ‘immersive’ approach.  With modern car driving becoming a more and more sanitised experience, the physical and sensory complexities of riding a motorcycle can be quite a shock. 

Our gentle start and progressive layering system structure to the training we offer you will make incredible progress in a very short space of time. With no experience of riding a motorcycle, we can take you to a safe and competent level of riding surpassing that required to pass the tests.

It is our objective to make the learning experience a fun one.  It is a tough, mentally and physically exhausting experience, but made enjoyable throughout. 

The courses are intensive with sequential full days starting at 8.30am and finishing at 4.00pm every day.  Rest breaks and theory sessions are interspersed throughout the days to ensure that you have time to relax a little and for us to ‘drip feed’ the lessons to you at a digestible rate.

Whilst we operate group training of no more than 2 students to an instructor at any time our teaching is person centred within the group so that all customers are attended to as individuals consistently.

With 2 options to achieve your goal, nothing can stop you; either take a week off, make a holiday of it and complete in a single intensive block or break it into modular elements over a timescale to suit your needs.  


See below for the options available…



Flexibility is the key to success and so to help you succeed in your goal we have two options for you to gain your full licence:


The Immersive Approach 

An intensive course set out over 4-7 sequential days


The Modular Approach

Three intensive elements which can be taken at times and dates to suit your individual needs


See below for more details on these fantastic class leading approaches to make your dreams a reality.


As of January 2013, obtaining a full unrestricted licence for riders aged below 24 has become a longer and more expensive process. Riders aged 19-23 are restricted to take their test on a new A2 category motorcycle producing no more than 46bhp and after passing their test are able to ride A2-approved motorcycles indefinitely which is very frustrating and restrictive.

However if they wish to upgrade to a full power motorcycle aged 24 (or after 2 years on an A2 licence, whichever is sooner) then they are required to pass another identical two-part Direct Access test on a suitable bike.


Here is the special bit…

As part of our commitment to better motorcycling, BMW Rider Training is the first and only rider training school in the UK offering its customers who take the A2 test with us a complimentary* full licence upgrade when they are legally able to take it.

We have young dedicated staff and will provide the required additional training, motorcycle hire and the Direct Access Module One and Module Two tests. Customers will only be required to cover the cost of travel to and from BMW Rider Training.


*1 full days training with module 1 and 2 tests normally


With Prices from £975, click here for full pricing and course availability.


For a one off fee, you can book your 7 day Direct Access course with Unlimited training and tests.


For this single fee you will be given as much premium training as required and as many attempts at both the module 1 and module 2 tests as necessary without any additional costs.


This unique opportunity is the perfect solution for those who may be nervous about taking the tests or worried about their progress on the course.


Simply select the Unlimited upgrade when you select. The additional fee of £500 is applied to your booking and you can leave the worrying to us.


 With Prices from £975, click here for full pricing and course availability.


Here we intend to work together with you by immersing you into this fantastic world of riding motorcycles in an intensive sequential day course.  Whether you are a beginner or someone who has experienced riding before this approach allows you to focus directly on the challenges at hand and complete the course in a short space of time.


With courses from 4 to 7 days, we have everything for any level of experience


Here is the key structure of a 7 day course.

  • Day 1 - CBT Plus - A combination of theory and introduction to motorcycling on our private training area
  • Day 2 - CBT Plus - Continuing on from day 1 and venturing on to the road
  • Day 3 - Progress to and migration to the BMW F750 GS.
  • Day 4 - Slow riding skills practice in preparation for the module 1 test including spending time on the DVSA test site
  • Day 5 - Final practice and then module 1 test with a relaxing afternoon settling in to further riding skills
  • Day 6 - Strategic work towards riding skills centring on safe riding practice (observations, road position, junction management etc).
  • Day 7 - Final practice prior to the module 2 test with possible enhancement session on a larger bike afterwards.


The course layout is not cast in stone as each and every customers individual requirements are different so courses are consistently adjusted to suit the needs of those attending.


With Prices from £975, click here for full pricing and intensive course availability.



Getting a full week away from home and work is not always the easiest thing to achieve. We offer an option where you can complete the 3 key elements of the licence separately of each other.  This offers you the chance to focus on just that element before progressing on to the next.


Our DAS Elements courses are broken down as follows:


CBT – 2 days to get you up and running on a geared motorcycle

Module 1 – 3 days training up to and including your module 1 test

Module 2 – 3 days training up to and beyond your module 2 full licence.


These elements can be booked separately from each other or adding them together as a single booking. 


As with all of our training the days start at 8.30am and complete at 4.00pm. 


CBT element


This runs over 2 days and starts on the BMW G310 R on our very own bespoke Rolling Road which allows you the time to get comfortable and confident using 2 key controls to riding a motorcycle: clutch and throttle.

Progressing from there on to our dedicated training area to cover all of the required parts of the DVSA laid out CBT course.  However as this course is set out over 2 days we can spend time to fully acquaint ourselves with the basics of riding a motorcycle comfortably.



Module 1 Element


This 3 day course starts with a quick refresh of skills on the G310 before migrating to the BMW F750 GS.  All 3 days focus on control and slow speed skills required to negotiate the sections of the DVSA Module 1 test as well as continued work on road riding skills.

You will take the module 1 test on the last day.



Module 2 Element


Over these 3 days we are really working to enhance your road riding skills covering the all varieties of road structure and environment.  The aim for you at the end is to pass your test, for us we are looking to ensure you are a fluid, confident and controlled motorcyclist who has safe riding skills embedded within them. 

You will take the module 2 test on the last day.




Your first interaction of riding a motorcycle at the BMW Rider Training centre will be on our unique Rolling Road unit.  Here you will sit on a BMW G310 R motorcycle and be shown the correct usage of throttle, clutch and rear brake whist also getting knowledge of how the balance and steering works on a motorcycle travelling at low speeds.

Following on from that you will ride the BMW G310 R or G310 GS for the first part of your course. You can find out more about the G310 R here and the G310 GS here

With seat heights from just 770mm, a weight of only 158.5kg and ABS brakes as standard, this is the perfect bike to start your journey into 2 wheeled freedom.


As you settle into this amazing new experience of transportation and stabilise with the controls and balance of riding the G310 machine we will evaluate the most opportune time to move you up the BMW F750 GS which you will complete your course and take your test on. You can find our more about the BMW F750 GS here

With seat heights from 770mm to 815mm, a weight of 216kg, ABS, ASC (Automatic Stability Control and heated grips all as standard, these are the perfect tool to really get to grips with motorcycling.


With Prices from £975, click here for full pricing and course availability.


Our normal response to this is short and simple:

Your driving licence, your theory test pass certificate, a smile and a sense of humour!

The course will be an emotional and physical roller coaster.  We focus on a fun, enjoyable and detailed learning experience with a strong safety underlying message throughout.


Driving licence

Your driving licence must be valid and have a provisional category to ride motorcycles (Category A).  Check the expiry date of the card (4b) to ensure it is still in date.

You must be able to read a standard (car) numberplate from a distance of 20 metres.  If you need corrective vision (glasses or contact lenses) to achieve this, bring them along and wear them whenever you are on the motorcycle.


Check Code

You will need to provide us with a valid driving licence check code on the first day of your training.  Visit: to raise this.  Make sure it is not created earlier than 21 days before your course as we need to verify your licence on the first day of training.


Theory Certificate

You need to bring the original pass certificate with you.  Please check it is still valid.


CBT Certificate

If you have already taken your CBT, please bring the original document with you – please note, it is only valid for 2 years.



We will supply the following BMW motorcycle clothing for you free of charge:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Jacket – waterproof & armoured
  • Trousers – waterproof & armoured
  • Boots – waterproof & armoured

All clothing is laundered after every course with boots, gloves and helmets sanitised.

It is recommended that you wear base layers (thermals in winter) underneath the clothing for your personal comfort. If the weather is cooler, we suggest you bring extra thin layers and or a light fleece.

If you have your own helmet and motorcycle clothing and would prefer to wear that, please bring it along.



Should you require to take medication, please bring this with you.  Your instructor can carry this for you during the course.  Please check that you are ok to drive / ride after taking it.



If day 1 of your Direct Access or A2 course (7 day or 6 day) starts at a weekend, it is advisable that you bring lunch with you.  Your instructor will advise you regarding lunch for subsequent days.

If you have any further questions regarding what to bring along, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


With Prices from £975, click here for full pricing and course availability.